The ancient world of Oydrae has known conflict, war & destruction across its six regions, more or less continuously, during the thousand year reign of The Emperors.

Emperor Kondrat, having ruled for 40 years, suppressing rebellions, surviving coups and routing out plotters, seeks a new beginning. To this end, he sends his two sons & his daughter out across the lands on a mission to promote unity & stability.

He charges them to select six people, from the final candidates, offered by the empire’s most noble family houses, to be new Kings & Queens, ruling collaboratively as members of his proposed ‘Council of Monarchs’.

The legend of ‘The Bringer of Light’ has endured in the culture of Oydrae for centuries, foretelling of an era of peace & prosperity. It appears possible that, at last, the legend is about to be fulfilled. That is, until, a strange series of events begin to unfold…..

Alias Jet Lightyear

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